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There are some stunning locations for Colorado wedding photography. Sharon and Keith were married in September, 2000, and their wedding was held at just such a location. The retreat center was located about two hours from Colorado Springs - and not that much farther from Denver.The weather couldn't have been better, and the surrounding scenery was spectacular. While getting to know the bride and her wedding plans I found out that she was very fond of the mountain peak in the background, "The Hook." As such, I made sure it was an important element in quite a few of the photos.

Due to the large volume of photos from this particular Colorado Wedding, I'll be showing smaller images on these primary pages. To see large versions of any photo, simply click on it. The photos are high resolution, so please be patient while they load!


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The rehearsal was held at the retreat center's lodge. After the rehearsal, everyone went upstairs to the dining room. While some worked on table decorations and crafts, others made up a bluegrass musical group and had some fun. As the evening progressed and the moon rose, I went outside (in the rain) to get a photo of the lodge's dining room from a different perspective.


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Wedding day was beautiful. These images showcase the incredible scenery and colors that surrounded the wedding ceremony. The wedding was held near several mountain ponds, and the chairs were set up so they would be facing "The Hook."

You'll notice that I included the mountain in the background of the Spring Canyon Retreat Center entrance sign.

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