Wedding Photography: Master Digital Files

Master Digital Files are an incredible way for you to get your images printed at a fantastic price. This is how it works:

I will burn a CD of the digital files from your wedding. One folder will contain color images, the other will contain black and white. The images are high resolution and are ready to be printed.

All you have to do is take the CD to your local Sams Club, Costco, Wal-Mart, Wolf Camera, or anyplace that can print digital images on their photo processing machine. Give them a list of the images to print, and ask them to avoid any color adjustments. I have run prints at the Kansas City Sams Club several times and have received results on par with several of my professional color labs - at less than 1.5% of the cost!!

One family I know of used a wedding photographer who offered them the master digital files. Later, they ran $100 worth of prints at Sams Club - if they had run the order through their wedding photographer it would have cost more than $7,000! I looked at the images and found the reprint results to be professional caliber.

In fact, many Sams Club's use the same digital printers that my pro lab also uses!

Questions and answers:

Question: How much do the high resolution files cost?
Answer: It depends upon the package you have selected. The master files are included in the Premium and Basic Packages. If you chose the Time Only option, the CD costs $250. If you are a grandparent or parent that would like your own set of high resolution files to run your own reprints (without having to send your list to the bride and groom for photos), I offer a special, discounted price. Contact me for details.

Question: Do the files print out and look like a regular photo?
Answer: YES! It looks exactly like a regular photograph and prints on the same photo paper.

Question: Why do you offer the master digital files?
Answer: Several reasons. First off, it frees my time from handling reprint orders. Secondly, I understand how expensive photo reprints can be (average prices for many other photographer's for a single, 4x6 inch image, is between $10 and $30; if you order a 4x6 from me, it costs about $5; if you take a digital file to Sams Club you'll pay $.20 and Wolf Camera about $.50). When I take photos, I want you, as the customer to enjoy them. I don't want you to see less of my images because of budget restrictions! And, since quite a few of my customers are on a budget, the benefit of reasonably priced reprints is another reason why they have chosen me as their photographer.

Question: How do I get the images to the printer?
Answer: You can either take the Master CD I send you to the store, or, you can burn the images onto a fresh CD (if you have a CD burner). One of the easiest ways is to burn a CD that contains several folders, each one labeled according to the print sizes: 4x6 folder, 5x7 folder, 8x10 folder. It makes things VERY easy for the photo printers.

Question: I have a color inkjet printer at home. Will they print out OK on my printer?
Answer: Yes, the images will print out fine on your own printer as well (especially if it's a high resolution printer and you use high quality paper). However, color printing of images is a rather complex science. I am unable to provide individual support on color calibrating your printer or tweaking the results on your personal printer. Most of the commercial photo printers (Sams Club/Costco/Wolf Camera/Ritz/etc etc) machines are already calibrated and will print extremely high quality, professional caliber images without your need to modify the images at all. The images are color corrected to my monitor.

Question: What file format are the high resolution images?
Answer: The images are saved in super high resolution JPG file format. You have two file sizes to choose from:

- For those who aren't computer imaging proficient: I would recommend 4x6 images saved at 300 dots per inch. These files are ready to print 4x6 images and can even run acceptable 8x10's and 5x7's.

- For those who are somewhat computer imaging proficient: I can send a CD with 4x6 images saved at about 500 dots per inch (these are some BIG files!). In fact, opened in a Photo Editing software you'll have a 17 Megabyte file for each image (which could easily be more than 7 or 8 gigabytes of data for the entire wedding). I would recommend down sizing the resolution to 4x6 @ 300 dots per inch for the prints that are made at 4x6 inches. The advantage of these super large files are the ability to modify the images without loss of resolution, or to make high resolution 8x10's.


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