Wedding Photography: Getting the Shot...

Most of the time I am covering a wedding I will be moving around in the background taking pictures. Occasionally, a unique angle is required in order to capture a special photo. Sometimes my assistant (who is usually standing by and watching) will take a photo of me "at work". I thought it might be fun to show some of those unusual images on this page.

The "Ground" Perspective

The flower girl is usually a very important part of the wedding - and is often a close relative or good friend of the Bride. I know from personal experience when my brother was married and my little sister (who was 5 at the time) acted as flower girl that it was the highlight of her year.

I like to take a photo that focuses on the flower petals during the ceremony. It's a tough shot to get - it requires a wide angle lens and I've got to get up close and personal with the flower petals (which are on the ground). I often take my sport coat off before attempting the photo... And yes, the guests in the back row do wonder what I'm doing. However, the result is always well worth it!

The process

The result

"Bird's Eye" View

Floor level and regular "eye level" photos are great, but I love to be able to supplement them with balcony/birds eye views of the ceremony as well. The church that the photos below were taken at didn't have a balcony, but they did have one little window/door upstairs that could be opened up for a birds eye view of the ceremony. I attended the wedding rehearsal and also discussed with the Pastor to find a good time to run upstairs and grab some photos. Since his message was scheduled to last about 10 minutes, it was the perfect time to get the photos.

  leaning out a balcony window for a better angle
The process

bird's eye view of a wedding ceremony in Kansas
The result


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